Griffith Memorial

Baptist Church




We are now recording the morning services and placing them on DVD. We are beginning a library now and would like to make all members aware of this new ministry being offered. If you would like a DVD of a service you missed, would like to take one to a shut-in, or you just liked the service and want to keep it for yourself, you now have the options of having it on DVD.


If you would like to have one of the DVD’s, it is simple to have one. We have created a request form available in the office. Simply fill one out and give it to MS. D or Bro. Steve. Bro Steve will then make you a copy of that particular service for you to pick up. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to allow our sick and our homebound and nursing homes members to actually view our services.


As this ministry continues to grow, we will be making the necessary changes and additions to these DVD’s to provide the best quality product we can to our members and loved ones.