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Devin Millis

Devin Millis was born on June 9, 1992. He is the son of Michael Millis and Stephanie McElveen. He began his education at Simpson Academy from Kindergarten to seventh grade. In the eighth grade, Devin attended New Hebron Attendance and in high school he attended Lawrence County High School from his freshman to junior year. His senior year, he enrolled back at Simpson Academy to receive a high school diploma. Devin Millis pursued his education at Mississippi College where he attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Studies in the Bible.

Fun Facts about Devin:

I am a young man who is passionate about the Word, His church, my family and the great outdoors. I was raised in a family of athletes and outdoorsman / woman. In college I was blessed to represent Mississippi College in both basketball and the Bass Fishing Team. I am now a competitive bass fisherman in the Bass Fishing League for the Mississippi Division. My other hobbies include the guitar. My family isn’t musical, but the reason I started playing was so that I could give back to God. Another hobby that I have is working out. It’s a challenge every time I enter the weight room and I enjoy accomplishing my goals.

If I could sum up who I am in one sentence, I would say this, “ When I face God, I want to hear, well done my good and faithful servant.”

Rooted Purpose:

Youth in today’s world are seeking truth, they are desperate for acceptance and they are in need of God’s Word! The purpose of Rooted is for the youth to grow their roots deep in God’s Word, so they will have a solid foundation and have continual growth in faith and truth.